Estranged wife says she ‘sought help on numerous occasions’ before father killed their two kids, himself

The estranged wife of a Santa Rosa, California, man who killed their two children before hanging himself has claimed that she “sought help on numerous occasions” but didn’t get it, according to PEOPLE.

Connie Camara said she tried to keep her two kids away from Alvaro Camera, 40, because she feared for their safety. She has maintained that her cries for help were never heard, and it cost two children their lives.

“I sought help on numerous occasions and said many many many times my children were in danger in their [father’s] care and I didn’t receive the urgent help I needed to save them,” Camara said in a statement.

As Crime Online previously reported, the bodies of Alvaro, his daughter Juliana Camara, 6, and his 18-month-old son Julian Camara were found in the father’s home on Monday morning.

Camara told reporters that she contacted police on Sunday night, after Alvaro failed to drop off their children. They were staying with him for Father’s Day weekend and she feared for their safety. However, police didn’t get back to her until later that night, saying it was just a “domestic dispute.”

Santa Rosa police Lt. Mike Lazzarini later said the family was mired in a messy custody battle. He pointed out that the pair were in court on June 14 to rectify a custody arrangement that granted Alvaro visitation over the holiday weekend.

Lt. Lazzarini also mentioned that Alvaro was none too happy over the custody arrangement, as he is recorded to have called child services to complain.

Santa Rosa police said the father of two had no criminal record or allegations of abuse against him.

The children’s cause of death is not yet known, as an autopsy is still being conducted.

[Featured Image: Facebook/Alvaro Camara]