Father murdered after teen son forced into bizarre, sex-fueled ‘spiritual healing’ rituals: Report

A Texas man was killed earlier this year after a so-called spiritual healer sought to cleanse the man’s son of demonic spirits through oral sex and bizarre erotic massages, newly released records show.

Four people have been charged with murder in connection with the slaying of 64-year-old Francisco Esparza, who was discovered shot to death on May 23.

Esparza’s son told police that he believes his dad’s murder was retaliation because Esparza told Jose Leyva, one of the men charged, to stop contacting the son.

Esparza’s family had initially sought help from the 65-year-old Leyva, who purported to be a spiritual counselor and “Mexican card reader,” to rid the 19-year-old son of dangerous spirits after the teen had been stabbed in an unrelated incident.

The teen told police that in multiple encounters with Leyva, the man would ask him to strip “while rubbing vegetable oil near his stab wounds and on his genitals,” KPRC reports.

Leyva also was obsessed with the teen, who told police that the man would call him multiple times each day and show up at his home. Leyva allegedly bought the teen more than $1,600 in gifts, such as jewelry, clothing and food.

Leyva said he believed the teen was possessed by a demon and that the only way to get rid of it was through oral sex by another man, ABC 13 reports. When the teen declined and stopped attending the sessions, Leyva allegedly told the teen that his family could be harmed.

Some believed that Leyva practiced witchcraft, affording to court records.

On May 23, Esparza told Leyva to cease contact with this son and was shot the same day.

Authorities believe Leyva ordered Esparza’s murder. He is free on a $250,000 bond.

The three other men charged in connection with the killing are being held in jail.



Feature photo: Galveston County Jail