Texas man who has a lengthy history of committing sex acts on vegetables and children’s clothes sentenced to life in prison

A Texas jury has sentenced a 56-year-old man, a nine-time felon with a lengthy history of carrying out sex acts on vegetables and children’s clothes, to life in prison after being convicted of tampering with evidence, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

Charles Robert Ransier has been racking up convictions since 1988. The Comal County, Texas, jury deliberated for just 30 minutes before sentencing the 56-year-old to life for tampering with physical evidence, and 20 additional years for possessing less than a gram of methamphetamine. They also imposed a $10,000 fine.

This latest conviction stemmed from a March 23, 2015, incident that began when a Texas state trooper noticed a plastic children’s slide along an access road had been moved. After searching the area, the officer found Ransier nearby, sitting inside of his truck, next to a laid out girl’s swimsuit, some lubricant and a syringe.

The Dallas Morning News reported that Ransier fought the officer while attempting to break off the end of the syringe. The officer was able to obtain the paraphernalia, which tested positive for methamphetamine

The trooper unearthed the swimsuit, lubricant, and even some melted candle wax while inspecting the truck. Upon his arrest, authorities located additional children’s clothing, candy, balloons, Barbie dolls, male enhancement pills, duct tape, a cooler with frozen cucumbers, and rope, according to a news release.

Previous convictions include a 2012 incident which entailed a “deviant sex act involving a squash” and a 2014 ordeal where Ransier was caught on a baseball field wearing nothing but women’s stockings and, again, partaking in a sex act with a vegetable.

The Austin American-Statesman pointed out that the 56-year-old was also previously convicted of the manslaughter of an Arizona state trooper and driving under the influence of meth.

[Featured Image: Comal County Sheriff’s Office]