Missing Starbucks girl Allison Cope has been found alive in a Virginia hospital [UPDATE]

Allison Cope, the 24-year-old airport employee who disappeared while on break from her job at Starbucks, has been found, alive, at a Virginia Beach hospital, according to WCNT.

The Raleigh-Durham Airport (RDU) Authority Police Department has issued a statement on the good news.

“Late last night [July 1], the Airport Authority Police Department was notified that Allison Cope was found alive in Virginia Beach, Virginia, by the Virginia Beach Police Department. We have no additional details at this time.”

Sources close to the case and the woman’s family confirmed this information to WNCN.

As Crime Online previously reported, Cope failed to return from a break at her RDU Starbucks job Monday afternoon. Her phone and bag were left at the scene but her debit card and car keys were missing, according to authorities.

Her silver 2014 Ford Fusion also vanished from the airport parking lot. Her security badge was used to leave the parking lot at 3:10 pm on Monday and cameras caught the vehicle exiting the lot. However, it is unclear who was driving at the time.

Surveillance footage also captured Cope at a North Carolina gas station just 90 minutes after she disappeared, as reported by Crime Online. A gas station worker claimed she entered the bathroom for a few minutes and then left.

“Airport police have thoroughly reviewed the video and there is no evidence that she is under any distress,” RDU Police said about the gas station footage.

Details surrounding Cope’s discovery have not been released, tho ABC11 has said that she is in stable condition.

[Featured Image: Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority Police]