Police: Angry ex sets fire to former boyfriend’s home, drives car through kitchen

A California woman was arrested Monday evening after allegedly attempting to burn down a former boyfriend’s home and driving her car through his kitchen.

KTXL reports that Arr-Nivia Patron, 33, is accused of dousing gasoline all over the outside the Stockton home where her ex resides with his current girlfriend. After setting a match to the gasoline, authorities said Patron got back into her car and drove it into a kitchen wall—partially entering the home. The suspect is said to have broken multiple windows during the assault.

“I heard a loud noise, it wasn’t like [a] crash, but it was a loud noise,” a neighbor told the station.

Police apprehended Patron at the scene. The ex-boyfriend, who was struck in the crash, didn’t require medical treatment.

Stockton Code Enforcement inspected the home’s structure and determined it was unsafe to be inside.

To make matters more confusing, The Stockton Record revealed that the home involved in Monday’s incident is bank-owned and the couple was squatting in it.

The pair supposedly presented police with a fraudulent rental agreement and utility bill. Later on, they allegedly tried to trick officers with yet another phony PG&E document.

Neighbors alerted responding officers to the pair’s sketchy living situation. One resident told KTXL that he called the police about this very issue a week before Monday’s ordeal. The station reported that the couple has since been kicked out of the Stockton home.

Nivia is charged with suspicion of arson and assault with a deadly weapon. She is currently being held in the San Joaquin County Jail in lieu of $200,000 bail.

Her arraignment is scheduled for Thursday. It is unknown whether the couple is also facing charges.

[Featured Image: Stockton Police Department]