Woman’s coke-smuggling plans foiled when airport officials notice her large thighs

Spanish airport customs officers caught a woman smuggling cocaine into the country after noticing her suspiciously large thighs, according to Daily Mail.

The unnamed 39-year-old Bolivian national had just arrived at Barcelona’s El Prat airport from São Paulo, Brazil, when officials pulled her aside, after becoming suspicious that she might be a drug mule.

“She was found to have the cocaine hidden in packets which were then strapped to her legs and stomach with insulating tape,” a Civil Guard spokesman told reporters.

Airport officials confiscated a white substance from the packets between her thighs, which later tested positive for cocaine. The 4.4 pounds of cocaine they confiscated is said to have a street value of approximately $129,715.

Authorities have noted that the suspect was heading to her home in Pamplona, Spain, when she was arrested.

Metro has reported that the woman is currently being detained, charged with suspicion of offenses against public health and drug trafficking.

Of course, this isn’t the first time someone has pulled a similar stunt in order to move large amounts of drugs.

In March, customs officials at John F. Kennedy International Airport allegedly arrested a Manhattan man who taped 10 pounds of coke to his legs, as reported by Crime Online. Authorities said the man, who had traveled from the Dominican Republic, seemed nervous and his pants “appeared to be rather snug.”

Testing confirmed the unknown substance was indeed cocaine. US Customs and Border Protection agents estimated that the cocaine was valued at $164,000.

[Featured Image: YouTube/screenshot]