Hero American Airlines employee stops out-of-control fuel truck, possibly saving HUNDREDS from explosion [VIDEO]

An American Airlines employee is being praised for gaining control of an unmanned fuel truck—which could’ve collided with an airplane or other airport property, resulting in countless injuries, as reported by FOX4.

While directing a plane out of the gate at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), Darren Carbone eyed a runaway refueling truck rolling backward toward an airport gate. Without hesitation, the veteran employee jumped into action, getting into the vehicle and stopping it, according to reports.

“I immediately dropped my wand that I was walking the wing with and ran after the truck and stepped on the brake before it could hit the terminal or plane or anybody,” Carbone told the New York Daily News.

He also told reporters that the truck “was within 50 yards” of crashing into other vehicles, planes, and even airport staff.

Carbone, who has been with American Airlines for 29 years, said, “Immediately, I instinctively ran after the truck to try to stop it, and I did.”

Denny Kelly, retired airline pilot turned aviation consultant, described the fuel truck as a “bomb” and told reporters that Carbone made the right move.

“If he hadn’t had stopped it, it could very easily have run into an airplane full of people,” Kelly said. “This guy’s a hero as far as I’m concerned. That could’ve been a disaster.”

American Airlines has noted that they are investigating Tuesday’s incident, specifically how and why the truck was moving on its own.

“We applaud our team member’s quick thinking and action to prevent any injury to personnel as well as damage to aircraft or other property at our largest hub,” the airline said in a statement.

[Featured Image: KDFW]