Revenge killers film, narrate brutal torture and murder of teen girl: Police

MS-13 gang members filmed themselves fatally stabbing a teen girl with knives and wooden stakes in a Virginia park, an FBI agent testified on Monday.

Agent Fernando Uribe claimed MS-13 leadership in El Salvador ordered the murder of Damaris Reyes Rivas, 15, (pictured) for her supposed role in leading fellow gang member Christian Sosa Rivas (no relation) to his death. Jose Cerrato, 17, allegedly filmed the disturbing ordeal for MS-13 higher-ups to prove his commitment to carrying out orders. Uribe said it’s unclear whether the footage was ever sent but mentioned that Cerrato was promoted within the gang for his role in the murder, according to The Washington Post.

“If someone dies in a clique as a result of a fellow member, the person is killed in retaliation,” Uribe said in juvenile court on Monday.

As Crime Online previously reported, Damaris was abducted and taken to Lake Accotink in Springfield, Virginia, on January 8. There, gang members allegedly forced her to stand in the snow without a shirt or shoes. They later forced her to stand in cold water.

The Gaithersburg, Maryland, teen’s body was found face down in an industrial park in February, about a month after her disappearance.

The agent said Cerrato and other gang members intended to get Damaris to admit on video that she helped lure Christian to his death.

Uribe testified that three videos were made of Damaris’ torture and murder. In one video, Cerrato can be heard telling fellow gang members to walk the 15-year-old into the woods.

Christian’s girlfriend, Venus Romero Iraheta, 17, is captured telling Damaris that “she would see her in hell” before repeatedly stabbing her. Another gang member then stabs the victim in the neck with a wooden stake, the agent alleged. The videos ended with the bleeding girl lying on dead leaves.

Iraheta reportedly admitted to stabbing Damaris 13 times in the stomach and neck and slicing a tattoo off her hand. According to WRC, prosecutors announced in May that Iraheta would be tried as an adult.

The Post also reported that eleven people were charged in connection with Damaris’ death. Her and Christian’s killings have resulted in 18 arrests in total.

A judge ruled that Cerrato will face murder, abduction, and gang participation charges as an adult.

[Featured Image: WUSA]