Spice Girl squandered $$ living the high life; Judge blasts Mel B and hubby

Amid messy divorce proceedings, a Los Angeles judge blasted singer Melanie “Mel B” Brown and Stephen Belafonte for adopting an unsustainable lifestyle, according to Daily Mail.

“In particular, the court notes that while the baseline is the marital standard of living status quo, where, as here, the parties lived beyond their means, the Court ought not to aspire necessarily to reproduce that standard of living… for the parties,” Superior Court Judge Lawrence P. Riff wrote on Friday.

Court documents obtained by Page Six reveal that the former Spice Girl’s monthly expenses entail $9,000 in groceries and household supplies for a family of four, $1,300 for entertainment, $20,000 in child care, and $4,493 for eating out.

Belafonte, 42, claims that he goes through $2,300 a month on groceries and household supplies, $750 for a cell phone plan, $2,000 in clothes, $3,000 for entertainment, and $11,000 in housing.

As Crime Online previously reported, Brown, 42, was ordered to pay $40,000 a month in emergency spousal support until a final divorce settlement is reached. Belafonte was also granted $140,000 for his legal fees.

Brown originally pushed back against Belafonte’s requests, saying that if he couldn’t pay his bills working at Serafina, a business they co-own, that he “should get a job at a different restaurant.”

The America’s Got Talent judge also alleged that Belafonte subjected her to physical and mental abuse throughout their 10-year marriage. As a result, she maintains she shouldn’t be forced to financially support her abuser.

Continuing to scrutinize their lavish lifestyle, Judge Riff said the couple should’ve limited their monthly spending to $51,000.

“This is at substantial variance with both parties’ income and expense declarations, that is, both parties claim far more in monthly expenses,” he concluded.

[Featured Image: AP ]