Court upholds maximum sentence for self-admitted rapist who claims he ‘enjoys the hunt’

A Pennsylvania appeals court upheld the maximum 10- to 20-year prison sentence for an attempted rapist who bragged in his diary that he “truly enjoy[s] the hunt.”

A court rejected that Frank Yeager’s attorney was not effective at challenging his confession to police, according to WCAU. This comes after a judge in a Superior Court in Lehigh County characterized the 33-year-old as a “dangerous, full-blown psychopath,” PennLive wrote.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Yeager, 33, logged the names of 200 women he was obsessed with—particularly real estate agents. The conviction was in connection with stalking an agent for the past five months then planning to lure her to a property in November 2012.

Yeager made the following revelation in his diary:

“I truly enjoy the hunt and cannot wait for my prize. If you are reading this I found a realtor woman and raped her. I have been planning and have wanted this my whole life.”

The 33-year-old approached the woman at the real estate office right before closing. He requested to see a home but, the woman being suspicious, told him to look through the windows and see for himself. He then walked into the residence and closed the blinds in hopes that she would follow. She didn’t.

From there, Yeager alerted the woman to a leak in the home. Still not buying it, the suspect abruptly left after a male co-worker entered the home.

Yeager, who has facial deformities, claimed he constructed the plot due to a lifetime of bullying and being overlooked by women. He claimed he knew he would never have a wife and intended to commit suicide after carrying out the violent act, according to the New York Post.

[Featured Image: Pennsylvania Department of Corrections]