Police: Deputy chokes young daughter, lifts her off the ground because he didn’t like the length of her shorts

A Colorado sheriff’s deputy allegedly choked his daughter so violently that he lifted her off the ground.

Weld County sheriff’s deputy Derek Kinch, 32, reportedly abused his daughter during a July 15 argument over the length of her shorts. The Greenley Tribune reported that the victim’s sibling and mother, Virginia Kinch, witnessed Kinch grab the girl by the back of her neck, push her against the wall, and grab the front of her throat with his other hand—all while he lifted her off the ground.

Derek, a deputy since 2008, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of assault and child abuse, according to The Denver Post.

Virginia took her daughter to the hospital a week after the alleged assault because she was complaining of neck pain. It was then that Longmont police informed the Weld County Sheriff’s Office of the ordeal involving one of their own. Virginia showed authorities a photo of her daughter’s neck which showed a small red spot on the lower part the girl’s neck and apparent discoloration and redness behind her right ear, court documents obtained by The Tribune stated.

Virginia claimed she didn’t intervene at the time because she believed it would make matters worse. Virginia told detectives that her husband has said several times that he would kill her and family if “he loses everything,” court documents also revealed.

According to The Coloradoan, the deputy was placed on administrative leave pending the result of his criminal case. The Weld County Sherrif’s Office also announced that they’ve launched an internal investigation.

Derek, who denied attacking his daughter, was released from the Weld County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

[Featured Image: Weld County Sheriff’s Office]