Disabled man gets hit by SUV and police allegedly give HIM a ticket for taking too long to cross the street

A disabled Colorado man who uses a wheelchair was struck by a car and then allegedly given a ticket for not crossing the road fast enough, as reported by KVDR.

Kyle Wolfe said he was crossing a street in downtown Denver but was unable to fully cross in the 20 seconds allotted by the signal. He claimed he was five feet from the curb when an SUV hit him from behind, sending him flying to the ground and totaling his wheelchair.

“I did not have enough time to get to my destination,” he told FOX News.

Wolfe allegedly suffered scrapes and bruises during the accident and was shocked when a Denver police officer ticketed him for a traffic signal violation. It is unclear whether the SUV was also cited.

“I was very shocked that a pedestrian that has the right of way got a ticket,” the man told reporters.

Wolfe explained that it typically takes him longer to get from one side of the street to the other. However, on the day in question, packages in his lap had fallen to the ground.

“When you are moving, everything is falling. I need to pick it up. People don’t want to stop,” Wolfe commented.

Federal regulations, followed by the city of Denver, instruct pedestrians to move at 3.5 feet per second. The time allocated depends on the width of the intersection and how long it would take to cross traveling at the aforementioned speed, authorities have indicated.

Wolfe maintains that these regulations are “not fast enough for a handicapped person to get across a crosswalk.”

A police spokesman said the ticketed man is free to challenge the citation in court.

[Featured Image: KDVR]