‘The honeymoon was over’: Heat-packing bride allegedly pulls pistol from wedding dress, aims at groom’s head and pulls the trigger

Police have arrested a woman after she allegedly pulled a pistol from under her wedding dress and pointed it right at her husband’s head, just hours after reciting their wedding vows, WTVF has reported.

Kate Elizabeth Prichard, 25, allegedly brandished the weapon during an argument outside of the Clarion Inn in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Police alleged that the blushing bride also fired the weapon into the air.

“She pulled out of her wedding dress a 9 mm pistol, pointed it at her new husband’s head, and pulled the trigger,” Murfreesboro Police Department Sgt. Kyle Evans said.

A witness told authorities that the newlyweds were drinking at the time and that the gun was not loaded when Prichard aimed it at her husband. They also corroborate that, after the initial incident, she loaded the weapon and fired a shot into the air.

Posted by Kate Prichard on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

At first, the couple denied their role in the potentially deadly episode. However, officers recovered shell casings—and the 9 mm pistol—from the scene, leading to the arrest of Kate Elizabeth Prichard.

“After the incident, she went to the bathroom and disposed of the weapon hiding it in the bathroom,” Sgt. Evans told reporters. He also said they both were “very uncooperative with authorities.”

Prichard was charged with aggravated domestic assault. Murfreesboro Police said additional charges could be forthcoming as the investigation continues.

Sgt. Evans added, “Responding officers let the husband know the honeymoon was over and his new wife was going to jail.”

The 25-year-old was released after posting a $15,000 bond. Officials announced that the case will be forwarded to the Rutherford County Grand Jury.

[Featured Image: Murfeesboro Police Department]