‘A danger to minors’: Florida man allegedly adopts 12-year-old Filipino girl for sex

Florida police have arrested a businessman and accused him of participating in an illegal adoption of a 12-year-old girl from the Philippines in order to have a sexual relationship with her, according to WFTV.

Andy William Bosch, 42, allegedly began the illicit relationship with the girl after his then-wife Melody illegally adopted her. Investigators describe the victim as a distant relative of the suspect’s wife, as noted by Orlando Sentinel.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents say that Melody, who later divorced Andy, became upset after her husband and the girl developed feelings “outside the approved sexual arrangements.”

The unnamed girl was removed from the home in March 2016 and placed into foster care. Investigators say the pair texted one another and would meet at various locations, such as the store and church. Months later, in October, the girl reportedly ran away from home.

“It seems like the victim in this case was a willing participant with the suspect, and that’s very unfortunate,” Osceola County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. Jacob Ruiz commented. “It’s very sad for us. Perhaps she had some relationship and felt that she was not a victim, but we know that she really is.”

In February, authorities found the girl, who is now 17, in a Tampa apartment after Bosch was arrested and admitted to knowing where she was, Det. Nathan Grizzell noted. Det. Grizzell testified that the apartment’s landlord told police that Bosch paid rent in cash and would meet with the girl on weekends.

Orlando Sentinel has reported that state charges against Bosch were dismissed and he was released on bond. However, he was rearrested on federal charges in late July.

On Friday, a federal judge ruled that Bosch, who owns a business management and accounting company, will remain behind bars. The suspect’s attorney argued that Bosch was losing 30 clients a day while jailed. However, investigators described the 42-year-old as a flight risk, as he owns 11 homes in Central Florida and frequently travels outside the country.

Det. Nathan Grizzell noted that pornographic videos showing Bosch and the 17-year-old were recovered from both of their phones. A cousin of the victim said that she witnessed Bosch and the girl have sex in a living room while the three watched a movie. Det. Grizzell also alleges that the cousin said that Bosch tried to have sex with her too, under the victim’s instruction.

“The evidence about [Bosch’s] attempt to have sexual relations with the minor witness provides clear and convincing evidence that [Bosch] would pose a danger to minors in the community if released,” U.S. Magistrate Judge Karla Spaulding wrote in Friday’s decision.

WFTV has also reported that Bosch’s ex-wife, Melody, is facing charges for allegedly scratching a United States Marshal at the couple’s home last week. Melody allegedly assaulted the Marshall as they carried out an arrest warrant for Bosch.

[Featured Image: Police Handout]