Conrad Roy’s mother sues Michelle Carter after light sentence for ‘texting suicide’: ‘We want to move on’

The mother of a suicidal teen who died after his girlfriend encouraged him to kill himself has filed a lawsuit against the woman convicted of manslaughter.

Michelle Carter, now 20, was found guilty in June of involuntary manslaughter for the death of Conrad Roy, and faced up to 20 years in prison. The jury heard that Carter had sent Roy numerous text messages goading him into suicide, including on the day he eventually did take his own life. But on Thursday she was sentenced to 2.5 years in jail, and the judge ordered her to serve only 15 months of that sentence.

CBS News reports that Conrad Roy’s mother Lynn Roy has filed a lawsuit against Carter, claiming that her actions caused “severe personal injuries, great conscious pain and suffering of body and mind and ultimately death.” The suit also claims that the family took a hit of $4.2 million in lost wages.

Eric Goldman, a lawyer for the family, told MassLive that the Roy family wants to honor their son with a memorial fund, and not personally profit.

“The family would obviously rather have their son back,” Goldman said. “What the Roys are looking to do is somehow memorialize Conrad.”

Carter is currently free on supervised release, as a judge said she would not have to serve her sentence until all appeals are exhausted. Roy’s family now has to face the possibility that the woman who told their son to get back in his truck and finish killing himself via carbon monoxide poisoning may never serve time.

“We want to put it past us. We want to move on. Best way we can,” Lynn Roy said on CBS This Morning.


Feature photo: Associated Press