Man drugs and kidnaps model to force into sex trafficking but spares her because she is a mother: Police

Police have arrested a man who allegedly drugged and kidnapped a British model, in an attempt to force her into sexual servitude, as reported by The Telegraph.

On July 11, Lukasz Pawel Herba, 30, (pictured) and an accomplice allegedly lured the 20-year-old to a studio under the guise of a photo shoot. There, the pair is said to have injected the woman with ketamine before undressing and photographing her. Police are currently looking for Herba’s accomplice.

Authorities say the suspects stuffed the unidentified woman into a large bag and drove to a rented house 120 miles away near the French border. She was allegedly handcuffed to a drawer for a week.

“The psychological pressure on the girl has been extreme,” said Serena Ferrari, a senior police officer in Milan. “She was very afraid.”

Herba allegedly reached out to the woman’s agent at one point, threatening to “auction” her off if he didn’t pay 300,000 Euros ($350,000). The agent notified police and the hunt was on.

Investigators believe Herba is connected to Black Death, a group that operates on the Dark Web. They believe the organization put a stop to the auction, after learning the woman has a child.

“You have a two-year-old child and our rules exclude mothers,” the kidnapper allegedly told her, the Corriere Della Sera reported.

Herba, who lives in the West Midlands, was arrested while taking the woman to the British Consulate, according to the Daily Mail. He is said to have confessed to his crimes. Police believe the man spent months planning the elaborate attack.

After the ordeal, Black Death sent a letter to the victim and apologized for the “mistake” and mentioned that one of its members made “a clear and solid stance in your case.”

However, they also demanded a large sum of money from the woman, according to the note.

“You have agreed to pay outstanding costs of your release of $50,000. We expect that money to be paid in Bitcoin within one month. Any sort of disobedience will result in your elimination.”

“You are being released with a warning. You are certainly aware of your value on human slavery market.”

The Foreign Office said they are currently working with local authorities.

[Featured Image: Polizia Da]