‘Who’s next?’: Men allegedly gang rape unconscious woman and then BRAG about it in text messages

A British man accused of raping an unconscious woman while in Singapore allegedly bragged about the ordeal in a group chat, as reported by New York Post.

Khong Tam Thanh(pictured), 22, Le Michael, 24, and Vu Thai Son, 24, appeared in the Singapore High Court on Monday. The trio is accused of gang raping a Malaysian woman during a bachelor party, according to the local authorities.

Son allegedly sent depraved text messages to Thanh and Michael after the unnamed victim was raped.

“Good boys on tour,” Son is said to have written. “Who’s next?”

The 24-year-old claims the messages were asking who was next to use the bathroom, according to Daily Star.

The accused rapists met the alleged victim at a music festival called Ultra Singapore. There, the anonymous woman met Richard Ahn, 24, who she agreed to have sex with in his hotel room. After the pair had finished, Khong, Le, and Vu allegedly took turns entering the room and raping her as she lay drunk and unconscious.

“Having consented to having sexual intercourse with one individual, she was then raped by three other men,” Deputy Public Prosecutor G. Kannan said of the September 10 incident. “Intoxicated and asleep, she was unaware of what was going on around her. She was taken advantage of and raped in quick succession.”

The men tried to be as quiet as possible but the woman woke up as Michael assaulted her, court testimony has revealed.

Thanh, Michael, and Son each face one count of rape. Two of the three men, Khong Tam Thanh and Vu Thai Son, were also charged with sexual assault by digital penetration. The trio could spend 20 years behind bars if convicted.

Ahn, who is also a British citizen, fled while under investigation. Police are currently searching for him.