‘Got a meat grinder?’ Woman, 83, laughs about murder plot against daughter-in-law: Police

An 83-year-old New Hampshire woman accused of constructing a murder-for-hire plot was allegedly recorded laughing about wanting her ex-daughter-in-law dead.

The Associated Press reported that Pauline Chase and her son, Maurice Temple, 63, (pictured) of Plainfield, appeared in court Monday on conspiracy to commit murder, solicitation to commit murder, and attempt to commit murder charges. In court, prosecutors played phone calls between Chase and Mark Horne, the hit man. Horne taped their conversations and went to police, according to Valley News.

“She needs to go down the river,” Chase supposedly told Horne, Plainfield Police Chief Paul Roberts testified Monday. “If you can take care of this, I can take care of you.”

Maurice is said to have owed Jean Temple nearly $18,000 following their divorce and was arrested in June for non-payment. The New Hampshire Union Leader reported that Chase first approached Horne while Maurice was in jail. They had several conversations, some while Maurice was present. Chase is accused of giving the hit man $5,000 as an initial payment and promised to pay more.

During one call, Horne allegedly asked Chase whether she really wanted Jean dead.

‘‘Yes, that’s right,’’ the 83-year-old responded, laughing.

Chase was seen or heard laughing during several conversations with Horne. On one occasion, she allegedly said “Got a meat grinder?” when asking how Jean’s body would be disposed of. The elder supposedly asked, on several instances, whether Jean’s body would be dumped in the ocean.

At one point, Chase and Maurice questioned Horne about wearing a wire. Maurice’s lawyer argued that his client wasn’t included in the plan until Horne and law enforcement pushed him into it, according to New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR).

“In my heart of hearts, it was the right thing to do,” Horne told NHPR Tuesday.

The hearing will continue Thursday. No arguments have been heard yet for Chase, who waived her right to a probable cause hearing.

[Feature Image: Plainfield Police Department]