SHOCKING VIDEO: Police searching for jogger who pushes woman in path of oncoming bus

Closed circuit television (CCTV) captured the frightening moment a jogger charged into a woman and pushed her into the path of an upcoming bus.

The incident occurred on the Putney Bridge in south west London on May 5, according to a statement from the Metropolitan Police. Fortunately, the driver of the double-decker bus managed to swerve and miss the woman’s head at the last second.

Police said the unidentified jogger crossed the bridge from the opposite direction 15 minutes later but ignored the victim when she tried to speak to him. Bus passengers provided aid to the woman, who sustained minor injuries in the random attack.

“The victim was put in extreme danger when she was knocked into the road. It was only due to the superb quick reactions of the bus driver that she was not hit by the vehicle,” investigating officer Sergeant Mat Knowles said in a statement.

A senior source from Go Ahead London, the bus company that employs the driver, told The Scotsman that the ordeal wasn’t fatal because their driver was traveling at 12 mph.

“It is just shocking, the entire top half of this woman was in the road very close to the bus’s front tires and this man just ran off,” the source said.

Authorities described the suspect as a white man, early- to mid-30s, and having brown eyes and short brown hair. He was wearing a light gray t-shirt and dark blue shorts at the time of the incident.

“We are keen to speak to the jogger in the CCTV about what happened that morning,” Sergeant Knowles told the news outlet. “We would urge him or anyone who recognizes him to get in touch with us as soon as possible.”

Featured Image: Metropolitan Police (screencap)