Police: Angry woman caught in two different road rage incidents; points gun-shaped knife at other drivers

A Baytown, Texas, woman is facing felony charges after authorities allegedly connected her to two road rage incidents.

La Porte police said a motorist’s son possibly photographed Amanda Downs, 25, aiming a handgun while driving on Highway 225. The Houston Chronicle noted that this was the second road rage incident occurring at the same location and time of day.

Downs and her red Silverado pickup truck supposedly matched a description given in July. Police claimed she confessed to last Wednesday and July’s ordeals and relinquished a large folding knife case—which was shaped like a handgun.

The man who took the incriminating picture said he felt “shock and fear” at the time but was confident that turning the photo over to police would result in an arrest.

“I wake up to some guy basically trying to knock us off the road,” Jacob McNeil recalled to KTRK. “It turned out to be a woman. He [McNeil’s father] throws me the phone and he says, ‘record.’ I start recording. As soon as I do, she comes past with her hand out the window, holding that gun, pointing it at us, and brake checks us. Then she pulled over to the shoulder off that road.”

McNeil’s father reportedly told investigators that he was afraid for his and his son’s life.

Authorities said the pair did everything right: they didn’t engage Downs and gathered evidence that tied her to the crime.

“The La Porte Police Department wants to remind the motoring public that road rage can quickly escalate to the point where a person is seriously injured or killed,” police said in a press release obtained by KHOU. “If you are a victim of Road Rage, call 911 and immediately begin driving toward the nearest police station or public place.”

[Feature Image: La Porte Police Department]