Arizona parents keep kids in sweltering abandoned home, forcing them to sleep on floor covered in drugs, bugs, and knives: Police

Arizona officers arrested two parents after reportedly discovering their two young children living amongst bugs, knives, and broken glass.

Authorities became aware of the unsettling situation on Wednesday after allegedly catching David Gallegos, 48, attempting to break into the Glendale Police Department’s secured vehicle area. Responding officers later discovered that Gallegos was driving his 3- and 7-year-old children around town while “severely hallucinating” on methamphetamines, according to KNXV.

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From there, police connected with the kids’ mother, Jasmine Skeens, 31, at the abandoned Glendale residence. They later learned that the family had been living in the slum for three months.

According to the local station, one officer described the living conditions as “among the worst I have seen in ten years as a police officer.”

Glendale police went on to detail how the filthy home was littered with drug paraphernalia and broken glass. The two young children were also expected to sleep on the floor—which was also covered with knives and insects.

Police also noted that the dilapidated home had no power and described the temperature inside as “unbearable” on the night in question.

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KNXV reported that Gallegos was arrested on child endangerment charges while Skeens was arrested and charged with child abuse. It is unclear whether the pair has been released or who took custody of the two children.

[Featured Image: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MSCO)]