Child believed killed in ‘trampoline accident’ was tossed in the air, suffered horrific abuse: Police

His stepmother is said to have mistreated the boy because he was a product of her husband’s affair. She allegedly submerged him in bathwater with her hands around his neck

A 2-year-old California boy who died last month from fatal injuries to his head had previously been abused, Fox 40 reports.

Records the television station obtained show that the child, Jaxson Love, had “multiple bruises all over his body” in the latest incident that led to him being hospitalized.

In a previous case, Love’s stepmother, Chalsey Maynard, told police that she “took her anger out by placing her hands around (the boy’s) neck and submerging him into the bath water.”

Child protection officials handled at least seven incidents concerning Love and 14 in total that involved members of his family, the documents show.

Love died in late July after Maynard initially claimed that he fell off a trampoline. He was bleeding from the brain and had broken ribs.

But in fact, Maynard is believed to have thrown the child into the air and let him fall, the television station reports.

Maynard has since been charged with child abuse resulting in death, child abuse endangerment, corporal injury to a child and infliction of great bodily injury.

Maynard reportedly disliked the boy because his father is Maynard’s husband, who had an affair with the boy’s mother, Brittany Gonzales. Gonzales contends that she did not know Love’s father was married at the time of their relationship.

“He should be here with our family and instead he’s not,” Gonzales said of her son. “So the only thing I hope comes out of this is justice for my son.”

Both parents had shared custody of Love.

Gonzales told Fox 40 she believes the father had to know about the abuse. She said she is concerned for the safety of five other children who live with Maynard and her husband.

Love’s organs were donated but his body has not yet been released from the coroner.