Seasoned police officer dies after being bit by feral cat, leaves behind 11-year-old son and wife

A West Texas A&M University police officer is dead two weeks after being bit by a feral cat while on duty, as reported by Chron.

Corporal Monty Dale Platt, 47, died Tuesday after having an adverse reaction to an anti-infection medication prescribed to him after suffering the bite. According to the Amarillo Globe-News, Platt was admitted to the ICU on August 4. He died Tuesday night after his kidneys shut down.

A 16-year veteran of the University Police Department, Platt responded to a call involving a feral cat on campus. It has been reported that the feline managed to bite through the thick rubber gloves he was wearing.

After going to the doctor, Sergeant Jack Hildebrand said his colleague suffered a “serious, negative, physical reaction” to the prescribed medications.

“He set the standard and he will be missed because, like I said, he was one of the top officers we had in this department,” the University Police Department’s Public Information Officer reporters. “No matter what the mission or whatever we needed to have accomplished.”

The university also expressed their condolences to the fallen officer.

“Campus Law Enforcement lost a great officer in Corporal Monty D. Platt,” a statement from the college reads. “All of us at the University Police Department extend our prayers to the family during this difficult time.”

Platt was laid to rest in an officer’s funeral on Friday. The 47-year-old leaves behind a wife and 11-year-old son.

[Featured Image: West Texas A&M University Police Department]