HBO producer gets one year in prison after death of female doctor and mother of three

Johnson pleaded guilty to acting as an accessory.

NEW YORK (AP) — An HBO producer who helped drag an unconscious dermatologist down to the lobby of a New York City apartment building after she overdosed has been sentenced to a year in prison.

Marc Henry Johnson was sentenced Tuesday.

Dr. Kiersten Cerveny died of intoxication in October 2015 after she and Johnson consumed drugs and alcohol.

Johnson pleaded guilty to acting as an accessory.

Prosecutors say he helped drag her into a vestibule, called 911 and left after an ambulance arrived.
The defense requested no prison time. It said incarceration would make it “highly unlikely” Johnson could work on an HBO series he jointly developed that airs next month.

The defense said HBO reduced his role and kept him off the set of “The Deuce” after his arrest.

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