Mom hangs one-year-old son by his neck, sends video to husband so he will call her back: Police

A young mother in Thailand sent a video of herself tying a noose around her one-year-old son’s neck in a twisted bid to get her husband’s attention.

The Sun reports that Nareumon Jampasert of Bangkok, Thailand, had been trying to reach her husband on the phone. When he wouldn’t respond, she recorded video of herself tying a black rope around their son’s neck, and threatening to kill him.

The disturbing video can be seen at the Mirror. 

“You see, Joe. You care about people a lot. This is your son. This is a rope,” she reportedly said to her husband.

”Look at it. It’s not dead. I didn’t kill it yet. Look at it. I will take it go to die somewhere. You have to wait to see me today.”

At one point, the mother tightened the rope around the baby’s neck, suspending him in the air while the little boy screamed. She then tossed him down on a bed, where he continued to cry helplessly.

‘’If you don’t come back to take him you have to wait to see what happens today,” she said to her husband. “You don’t answer my phone, yeah.’’

Her husband reportedly sent the video to his mother and his sister, who posted it on social media in order to spread the word that the baby was in danger.

Police responded to the home to check on the baby, who was not seriously injured.

According to the Daily Mail, the mother was apologetic and told police she was overwhelmed and did not really want to hurt her son.

‘”I’m hurting a lot,” she reportedly said. “The first thing I was thinking was that I wanted to kill myself. I did this to the baby because I wasn’t thinking, and I was emotional.”

“In my heart I’m thinking my husband does not care about his son, does not care about his wife.”

Jampasert told police she was under stress because sales from her online business were low, and she feared her husband was having an affair.

Police reportedly said in a press conference that Jampasert would not be prosecuted, as her husband did not want to press charges. They are treating the incident as a family dispute.


Feature photo: The Mirror video screenshot