Georgia police find body of missing grandmother whose grandson is charged with murder

Authorities have confirmed that a body found along a Georgia highway is that of a missing woman whose grandson has been charged with her slaying, as previously reported by Crime Online.

Dental records show that a body discovered Wednesday in an embankment is 78-year-old Millicent Williams, who lived just five miles from where her decomposed remains were located, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Accused of killing Williams: Her very own grandson, 36-year-old Gregory Williams. He was charged in July with felony murder, aggravated assault, kidnapping and theft.

Even though investigators had not located Millicent Williams’ body when Gregory Williams was charged, they believed they had enough evidence to prosecute the grandson at the time.

After Millicent Williams was reported missing July 27, police found a significant amount of blood and signs of a struggle in her home. Her car was also gone.

The same day, authorities arrested Gregory Williams in the grandmother’s car at a grocery store.

Police theorize that Gregory Williams attacked his grandmother using a “Rambo-style” knife and then took her vehicle to get rid of the body. He had refused to reveal to police what he did with the remains.

Court documents show that Millicent Williams had been afraid of her grandson, a mentally ill Army veteran who had threatened to kill her multiple times, as reported by Crime Online. Police had been called on numerous occasions to the home, where Gregory Williams had lived for an unknown period.

Gregory Williams suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and was not taking his medication, according to court records.

Search crews used divers, dogs and all-terrain vehicles in their effort to locate Millicent Williams. It was an unidentified tipster, however, who notified police Wednesday about the body, authorities have indicated.

[Featured Image: Handout/Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office]