Violation of American With Disabilities Act? Lifeguard bans little girl with diabetes from water slides

City officials in Kettering, Ohio, apologized for not letting a 12-year-old-girl ride the water slides at a public water park because she wears an insulin pump.

Alexis Pena was enjoying a visit to the public water park when a lifeguard stopped her.

“He said that I couldn’t go on any of the waterslides because of my insulin pump that was on,” reported FOX 45.

Alexis has type 1 diabetes and wears an insulin pump on her hip.

Alexis’ mother, Beth McBride, said the lifeguard did not give them any reasons why the pump – which is designed to be used in the water – prohibited her from using the slide.

“If he would’ve told me that it would’ve scratch the slide or it was a liability issue I could have talk to him about it but he basically just said no and then he walked away.”

McBride accused the city of violating the American With Disabilities Act.

“She was in tears and upset, as she has every right to be, I mean she was discriminated against basically,” McBride said.

The city of Kettering issued a formal apology on August 16 saying Alexis should have been allowed on the water slides at the public Adventure Reef Water Park.

“After thorough review of the incident, Alexis should have been permitted to use the slides at Adventure Reef Water Park. We are grateful that Alexis and her mother met with us to review their experience. We apologize to Alexis and her family. Our next step is to provide additional staff training.”

“I’m not as different as everybody else is and I shouldn’t be singled out from everybody else that’s having fun,” Alexis told FOX 45.

[Feature Photo: Facebook]