‘A drug-induced rage’: Deceased ex-girlfriend felt tormented by Jim Carrey, medical records allege

Jim Carrey’s former girlfriend who killed herself revealed to a therapist that she was struggling to keep down foods and couldn’t sleep after the actor abruptly broke off the relationship, Daily Mail reports.

The girlfriend, Cathriona White, told her therapist in July 2013 that she wanted to “have it all stop,” according to medical records obtained by news outlets.

White was found dead in September 2015 in what authorities say was a suicide by overdose.

White’s mother subsequently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Carrey, claiming he subjected her to years of abuse.

The Daily Mail reports:

Session notes and text messages obtained by DailyMail.com that span from October 2012 to July 2013 reveal that Cathriona White had been seeing Carrey for just six months when he suddenly broke off the relationship, a move that came after White had been tested for STDs but before she had received her results.

White later tested positive for STDs and told her therapist that she believed she had gotten them from Carrey, who she said had bumps on his genitals. When initially confronted about the bumps, Carrey claimed they were simply irritation from shaving, the newspaper reports.

In another therapy session, White explained how she was terrified of Carrey after he picked up and smashed a computer against a wall.

White also said Carrey would “’send her home when he feels like it and not keep in touch with her until days later when he wants company.”

The therapist wrote that White had “so little self-esteem” and was “very impressionable.” The therapist further wrote that White was “very afraid of [Carrey] and his temper, yet she wants to rescue and help him.”

In January 2013, White texted the therapist and admitted that she had tried to commit suicide using painkillers she obtained from someone with the same initials as Carrey.

Weeks later, White contacted the therapist again and said she “was incredibly distressed” and felt like she wanted to harm herself after “JC kicked her out of his home in a drug-induced rage.”

In late January of that year, White told the therapist she “noticed a breakout in her genitals.” White revealed that before having sex with Carrey she tested negative for STDs.

White further said she had noticed bumps on Carrey’s penis, which he claimed were from shaving.

The breakout caused White to live in a “constant state of fight or flight,” the records show.

Days later, White was “very emotional” according to the therapy notes. She told the therapist that Carrey had recently texted her asking if she wanted to see him and “cuddle” but that he later changed his mind.

When White got the STD results back, she confided in the therapist that she had contracted three STDs that she believes Carrey gave her.

White was “unable to calm down during the session,” described herself as “damaged goods” and felt as though she “cannot tell anyone what has happened to her,” the therapy notes state.

Even so, White said she continued to see the actor and told the therapist she felt she was being “used for sex.” She alleged that Carrey would treat her like a “dog” and would “kick” her out after intercourse.

Carrey also would call White “worthless,” a piece of “sh**” and a “bi***,” the notes state.

White later told the therapist that she could not keep food down and had contracted another STD. She also said she was afraid that Carrey would “burst in her apartment and hurt her” and that she would have nightmares of him “raging at her.”

At one point, White said she just wanted to “have it all stop.”

Marty Singer, a lawyer for Carrey, has said the lawsuit is baseless.

Singer argues that the claims about STDs in the lawsuit are irrelevant and that White’s mother is only interested in money.

Carrey’s legal team also has argued that White left two suicide notes in which she spoke about him in a loving manner and asked for his forgiveness for taking her own life.

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