MISSING! Georgia woman vanishes while housesitting for parents; car is gone and house left in disarray

A Georgia woman who vanished from her parents’ Druid Hills home this weekend is still unaccounted for.

According to Decaturish, Jenna Van Gelderen, 25, was last seen house sitting for her parents Friday. The woman’s brother reported Van Gelderen missing after checking in on her and not finding her. He supposedly told police that he noticed the lights and a television in the home were on. A police report also noted that a painting was removed from its frame on the living room wall.

“I went by Saturday morning to the house in disarray, but doors locked. Her car, purse, and phone are also gone,” the woman’s brother, Will Van Gelderen, wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday.

Posted by Will Van Gelderen on Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Authorities claimed there were no signs of a forced entry. Jenna’s blue 2010 Mazda was also supposedly missing from the Druid Hills home.

A friend of Jenna’s purportedly told police that he last saw her on Friday when they had a brief discussion. He claimed he hasn’t heard from her since then. Another friend stated that she talked to Jenna on Saturday. She said she later got a text from Jenna saying that she was laying down. The friend hasn’t been able to reach the 25-year-old after Saturday.

The missing woman’s parents were apparently in Canada at the time of her disappearance.

Anyone with information about Jenna Van Gelderen’s whereabouts is urged to call the Dekalb Police Department at 678-406-7929.

[Featured Image: Facebook]