Wednesday Crime Stories: Black Widow denied bond; Cops: Mom leaves tots to die in hot car as ‘punishment’; Hubby uses Craigslist ad to frame wife

A Florida judge rules that Dalia Dippolito must sit in prison while her lawyers appeal her conviction for seeking a hit man to kill her husband. The Florida woman’s lawyer Brian Claypool debates the case with Nancy Grace and reporter Ninette Sosa in this “Crime Stories” episode.

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A Texas woman faces murder charges after her two young children died from the heat after she left them in her car for hours as punishment. Psychologist Dr. Daniel Bober and reporter Paul Chambers join Nancy to discuss this case.

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A husband allegedly tried to frame his wife by posting a Craigslist ad seeking a hitman to kill him and reporting to police that she did it. Reporter David Lohr talks about the investigation.

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[Feature Photo: Parker County Sheriff’s Office]