Group of men sexually assault woman on beach as boyfriend is beaten unconscious: Police

Italian police believe four men gang raped a Polish woman and battered her boyfriend on a popular Italian beach, according to International Business Times.

The alleged attack occurred on Rimini Beach early Saturday. The male victim described relaxing on the beach when the men approached the vacationing couple “like crazy beasts.”

“They hit me with a bottle in the face. They were four, they looked like bears. They kept coming to my head and stopped just when I lost my senses. I wanted to do something for her,” the 26-year-old told local paper Rimini Today.

Onlookers called police after spotting the bloodied and confused couple on the beach, as reported by The Washington Post.

Local reports indicate that the man was beaten and robbed before losing consciousness. The pair were taken to a local hospital where the woman was tested for sexually transmitted infections while her boyfriend was treated for fractured facial bones.

Alarmingly, authorities suspect the group is connected to another sexual assault which apparently took place hours later. International Business Times reported that police are investigating whether the assailants attacked a Peruvian woman outside a nightclub. The woman was also treated for her injuries.

“Let us not hide in the face of terrible facts, of perverse ‘criminal logic’ where the dominant trait is evil,” Rimini Mayor Andrea Gnassi commented. “For the three victims of the wild night of terror between Friday and Saturday, Rimini asks for justice.”

Police are currently analyzing closed circuit television (CCTV) footage in hopes of identifying the culprits.

Regional Councilor Emma Petitti concluded: “The episodes of violence and horror that have occurred in our city are unacceptable and intolerable. We are anxiously following the work of our law enforcement authorities, waiting for the perpetrators to be delivered to justice as soon as possible.”

[Featured Image: Pixabay]