Police: Monster man rapes and beats woman, threatens to light her on fire

A Florida man was arrested after he allegedly raped, beat and threatened to kill a woman, and in one instance told her he would light her on fire.

Jorge Moreno, 34, faces a handful of felony charges in connection with the terrifying ordeal, including attempted murder, false imprisonment, sexual battery and battery, the Miami Herald reports.

A 28-year-old woman told police that after she and Moreno checked into a Florida Keys hotel early Thursday evening, he became angry and demanded that she give him her cell phone. When the woman refused, he started hitting her and then began raping her.

The attack lasted several hours, during which time Moreno threatened to kill the woman and her child, police said. Moreno forced the woman into a bathroom and held a towel over her face so she couldn’t breathe, and he ran water over the towel so she felt as though she was drowning.

The victim also said he poured tequila over her and threatened to light her on fire. But he couldn’t find a lighter and instead fell asleep, she told investigators.

By 1 a.m. Friday, Moreno drove the woman to a bridge, where he again threatened to kill her by pushing her off the bridge. The victim begged Moreno to let her be with her child, at which point he threatened to kill her parents and himself, according to the newspaper.

Eventually, Moreno brought the woman to her parents’ home and she called police. An officer spotted Moreno’s vehicle Friday afternoon and arrested him.

He was in the Monroe County Jail as of Saturday without bond.

[Feature Photo: Monroe County Jail]