He lied! Man who claimed he was mistaken as a neo-Nazi and stabbed admits he made it up: Cops

A Colorado man who posted a photo of his bloody leg on Facebook, claiming he got stabbed when he was mistaken for a neo-Nazi, admitted that he lied about the entire ordeal.

BuzzFeed News reports that Joshua Witt, 26, initially told authorities that a man attacked him as he got out of his car in Sheridan, Colorado, at a Steak ‘n Shake parking lot. He also told BuzzFeed News that the man accused him of being a Neo-nazi before stabbing him.

“I was just getting out of my car to go get myself a milkshake and the next thing I hear is ‘You one of them neo-Nazis’ as this man is swinging a knife at my head over my car door. I threw my hands up out of natural reflex and then I kind of dived back in my car as the suspect took off running.”

ORIGINAL Story: Man allegedly mistaken for a ‘neo-Nazi’ while getting a milkshake, gets stabbed at restaurant

Authorities became skeptical of the story after watching a Steak ‘n Shake surveillance video on the day in question. They didn’t see anyone flee from the parking lot, nor did they see anyone approach Witt. When looking at surveillance footage at a nearby hunting goods store, they spotted Witt inside the store, purchasing a knife.

[Photo: Screenshot/Facebook]
Last Thursday, Sheridan police interviewed Witt again and when confronted with information about the surveillance footage, he admitted that he accidentally cut himself with the knife and decided to make up a false story for attention.

“Where he was confronted with the all the information listed above. Mr. Witt subsequently admitted to accidentally cutting himself with the knife while parked in his car in front of the sporting goods store and admitted making up the story about being attacked.”

Police arrested Witt and charged him with  falsely reporting to authorities. He’s been released on a summons. Witts has since deleted his Facebook page.

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[Feature Photo: Police Handout]