Man accused of sexually assaulting, torturing, and burning multiple victims — including a homeless woman

Victor Hursch allegedly kidnapped and strangled a woman, burned her with cigarettes, and hurled lit fireworks at her

Investigators are examining whether an Oklahoma man raped, tortured and kidnapped four women within the last two years, KOKI-TV reports.

The northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task Force arrested Victor Hursch, 60, Thursday after a woman who claimed to have been held captive by him escaped this week.

The victim said she met the suspect at a Tulsa convenience store in June. She was homeless at the time and Hursch allegedly offered her shelter at his home, according to affidavit.

The woman accepted the offer and Hursch later asked if the woman wanted to smoke meth with him. When she declined, he grew violent and struck her numerous times, court records state.

Over the next two months, Hursch kept the woman against her will. He threatened to poison her and shoot her father and son if she tried to escape.

The victim told authorities that Hursch injected her with meth every few days using a syringe and repeatedly raped her with various sexual devices.

The woman says that she was forced to stay naked in the suspect’s bedroom while she was held captive, during which time Hursch allegedly strangled her, burned her with cigarettes, hurled lit fireworks at her and hit her.

She also claims that the suspect would force her to run errands with him in a van from which she couldn’t escape.

On Aug. 27, the victim was able to tell a security guard at a gas station that she needed help.

Surveillance footage reportedly shows Hursch searching for the woman in the store and then fleeing in the van after he couldn’t locate her.

Hursch has been named a suspect in other allegations of rape and kidnapping involving three other women in June 2015, June 2016 and January 2017, the television station reports.

Detectives say the allegations in those cases are similar to the most recent case.

Hursch has been charged with three counts of rape, kidnapping, forcible sodomy, possession of a firearm while committing a felony and possession of a firearm.

The suspect is in jail on more than $400,000 bond.


Feature photo: Tulsa County Jail