Law student and alleged ‘drug mule’ dies after FIVE bags of ecstasy explode in her stomach

A British law student vacationing in Spain died when five bags of ecstasy exploded in her stomach, a hearing on Monday revealed.

Providing evidence, the mother of Rebecca Brock, 18, speculated that her daughter was forced into being a drug mule while in Ibiza. The Telegraph reported that Brock was found in her hotel room with a pool of blood next to her head on September 28, 2015.

Spanish police determined that Brock had “double the level” of a fatal dose of ecstasy in her system when she died, according to New York Post.

“She tried cocaine with people she knew and people around her she knew,” Rebecca’s mother, Margarita Brock, revealed. “She said to her sister afterward that she didn’t like it so she didn’t have to worry. She was very clear about what she let into her body and what she didn’t.”

Margarita believed her daughter was forced to swallow the bags of drugs as she was unable to swallow pills.

“She wouldn’t take any pills easily—I can’t imagine that getting in her body at all. If she didn’t have to take a pill she wouldn’t do because she couldn’t swallow it,” she said.

Nottinghamshire Coroner Mairin Casey said Rebecca and her friends went out on September 23 and she didn’t have contact with anyone past September 24. Though she was found dead on September 28, her date of death was recorded as September 26.

“There was no evidence of a form of assault. No witnesses to the investigation had seen her take drugs in Ibiza. I find it impossible to say how a pack or packs were ingested. How these bags were in her stomach we will never know,” Casey said, according to court records.

Casey ultimately concluded that Brock died as a result of MDMA, or ecstasy, intoxication. The coroner noted that Rebecca didn’t have alcohol or any other drug in her system when she died. However, she couldn’t determine if Rebecca Brock was conscious as the ecstasy ravaged through her body.

She told Rebecca’s family: “I have done the best I can to give you some answers and I offer you my sincerest condolences.”

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