WATCH: Crazed 7-11 customer smashes windows, ransacks store counters because he couldn’t buy beer [VIDEO]

California police are searching for a man who went on a rampage at a Santa Ana 7-Eleven last month.

According to KTLA, the video showed the suspect vandalizing the convenience store on August 25 at around 2:30 a.m. Store manager Rajev Tendon explained that the man first came in asking to use the phone and returned demanding to buy beer after the legal cutoff time.

“It was 2:30 in the morning and they were following the rules of the state,” Santa Ana Police Corporal Anthony Bertagna said. “The rest you see is the result of his tantrum.”

At one point, the assailant tried to open the door of a refrigerator with beer inside but was unsuccessful because the doors were locked at 2 a.m., according to Bertagna.

The video shows the irate man knocking over several front counter displays before the clerk chases him out the store with a long stick. He is then seen smashing out several storefront windows with what appears to be a baseball bat.

Tendon said the suspect “became destructive” after the clerk threatened to call the cops.

Bertagna also claimed that cameras didn’t capture the man assaulting the clerk. The manager said the clerk doesn’t want to return to work.

The Orange County Register reported that the man is accused of causing more than $2,000 in damages.

Anyone who knows the suspect’s identity or has information about the case is asked to contact Investigative Specialist L. Delisle at 714-245-8647 or Those who would wish to anonymously provide information can call Orange County Crime Stoppers at 855-847-6227.

[Featured Image: Santa Ana Police Department]