Dog likely ate crack cocaine before mauling owner to death

A dog was likely high on crack when he fatally mauled his owner in front of a BBC crew—who were filming a documentary on drugs at the time.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that Mario Perivoitos, 41, died in March after his Staffordshire Bull Terrier named “Major” crushed his larynx and caused massive hemorrhaging. On the night in question, Perivoitos had taken cocaine, leading him to go into an epileptic fit.

Major is said to have attacked his owner as he lay in bed. The film crew called an ambulance to the North London home and tried to get the canine off Perivoitos’ neck.

According to The Guardian, a program director tried to wrestle Major off of the seizing man. The injuries resulted in the London man losing so much blood that the hospital gave him ten pints in hopes of reviving him.

The ordeal is said to have lasted more than 30 minutes; it took officers ten minutes to open a heavily-locked door in the tower block and tend the mortally-wounded man.

Veterinary toxicologist Nicholas Carmichael revealed in court that the dog had large amounts of cocaine and morphine in his urine.

“The dog had clearly taken it and, whether it had eaten it or taken it in by smoke, it is likely to have been a factor in the dog’s behavior,” he said.

Carmichael said it’s impossible to conclude that the drugs directly caused Major to attack, but claimed that drugs typically make dogs “respond abnormally.”

A coroner also gathered that the dog, while under the influence, was provoked by the 41-year-old’s seizure, according to The Telegraph.

A post-mortem examination determined that the 41-year-old’s cause of death was hypovolemic shock and damage to the airway consistent with a dog bite, the Evening Standard reported in March.

Authorities said that Major is scheduled to be euthanized.

[Featured Image: Flickr/John O’Nolan]