GRAPHIC VIDEO: Police fatally shoot ’emotionally disturbed’ man armed with knife, fake gun

On Thursday, the NYPD released body-cam footage showing a man being shot and killed during a standoff in his Bronx apartment.

DNAinfo reports that Miguel Richards, 31, is the man seen in the footage holding a knife and toy gun in the corner of a room on September 6. A landlord reportedly called police after not hearing from the man for several days, leading officers to conduct a “wellness check.”

Police determined that they were dealing with an “emotionally disturbed person” (EDP) after learning that he was in possession of a knife and what resembled a real gun.

Responding officers Mark Fleming and Redmond Murphy can be heard in the recording telling Richards to put the weapons down. At one point, Richards’ friend is heard begging him to put his hands up. The two officers are later heard calling for backup.

“I don’t want to shoot you if you’ve got a fake gun in your hand, you hear me? But I will shoot you if that’s a real gun,” Fleming tells Richards.

Officers Jesus Ramos and Marco Oliveros later arrived at the Bronx apartment. Ramos, seen with a taser, can be heard asking fellow officers if he should shoot and receiving the go-ahead.

Police told DNAinfo that Fleming and Murphy began shooting, firing 16 rounds in total and killing Richards.

Emergency Service Unit (ESU) staff, who are tasked with handling mentally ill individuals, were reportedly outside the building when the fatal shooting occurred.

In addition to the body-cam footage, the NYPD released pictures of the knife and fake gun that allegedly belonged to the suspect, New York City Patch reported.

The NYPD provided the following statement:

“The officers asked the individual if was holding a firearm, whether or not it was real, and then ordered him to drop it. The officers told the individual that they did not want to hurt him. Again, the officers received no compliance. The individual then proceeded to raise his right hand with the gun in the direction of the officers, at which point one officer deployed the taser and another two officers simultaneously discharged their service weapons.”

Despite their account, the man’s father, Belvett Richards, 61, told the New York Daily News that he believes his son was killed in cold blood.

“He did not deserve to die this way,” he commented.

The local paper noted that Miguel had no criminal record or history of mental illness.

[Featured Image: NYPD]