‘I’m disgusted’: Firefighter suspended after allegedly saying he would save a dog before a black person

An Ohio firefighter was suspended indefinitely after allegedly posting a Facebook comment saying he would rescue a dog from a burning building before a black person, according to FOX 8.

WHIO reports that Franklin Township’s fire chief suspended Tyler Roysdon, 20, Tuesday after being alerted to the racially-charged statements. Township Administrator Traci Stivers said it’s unclear how the fire chief was alerted to the online comments.

“Fire Chief Steve Bishop immediately contacted the firefighter and directed the comments be removed,” Stivers said in a press release.

The since-deleted Facebook comment shows Roysdon allegedly stating that “one dog is more important than a million n****rs.”

The unsavory remark has led to public outcry, with one civil rights group calling for his firing.

“We trust those people with our lives to protect us, to keep us safe our families safe, and we don’t want them to put us in harm’s way,” Dora Bronston of the Middletown NAACP told WCPO. “The firefighter was suspended. I’m calling for his termination.”

“Your job is to save everyone. Your job is to be there for every person that calls on your help.”

It has been reported that the Board of Trustees will decide whether to dismiss Roysdon during a September 27 meeting.

“He blatantly said on social media that he wouldn’t do that,” Trustees President Brian Morris told WHIO. “Even if you take race out of it, it still would be wrong. I’m disgusted in what he said. There is no reason for him to say that anytime, anywhere…That should never be said.”

[Featured Image: Facebook]