Ryan Phillippe in heated lawsuit after ex accuses him of brutally beating her during a drunken rage

Actor Ryan Phillippe is facing an assault-related lawsuit after his former girlfriend, Elsie Hewitt claimed he beat her up during a drunken rage.

PEOPLE reports that Hewitt, 21, filed a civil lawsuit against the 43-year-old actor on Monday at a Los Angeles court, claiming that he roughed her up on July 3, after drinking excessively.

According to court documents, Hewitt alleged that once she returned to the actor’s home after a party, Phillippe “grabbed [her] upper arm so tightly that his grip left heavy bruises on her arm hours later. He then braced his body and violently threw her down his staircase as hard as he could.”


Posted by Elsie Hewitt on Monday, September 11, 2017


Hewitt also claimed that Phillippe threw her down a flight of stairs “as hard as he could.” Days later, he allegedly tried to contact Hewitt, which she said frightened her because she worried the Cruel Intentions actor would hurt her again.

Further, Hewitt asserted that Phillippe was ”repeatedly abusing a panoply of legal and illegal drugs, including without limitation: cocaine, ecstasy, psychedelic mushrooms, and steroids.”

“Phillippe increasingly combined these drugs with excessive alcohol consumption and often exhibited symptoms attendant of poly drug and alcohol abuse, including mood swings and bouts of anger,” the court documents read.

An unnamed source close to the actor said that Hewitt made up the accusations and that Phillippe never once became physical with her, nor did he abuse alcohol and drugs. The source said that it was Hewitt herself under the influence and that she showed up to Phillippe’s home, upset that he broke things off with her.

“Elsie showed up to Ryan’s house uninvited and under the influence a few days after he had broken up with her. She physically attacked Ryan, caused a scene and refused to leave his home. As she was removed from the premises, she claims she fell and injured herself.”

The source also indicated that Hewitt, a model, started sending photos of herself to the media, claiming abuse to get revenge on Phillippe after he broke up with her, and to further her own career.

Ryan Phillippe’s ex-girlfriend Elsie Hewitt filed a lawsuit against the actor for allegedly kicking, punching, and throwing her down the stairs.

Posted by Entertainment Weekly on Tuesday, September 19, 2017


A spokesperson with the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that they did report to the scene after the alleged incident, and granted Hewitt a temporary restraining order that expired on July 12.

Hewitt’s lawyer, Keith Fink, told PEOPLE that his client was not looking for fame, money, or revenge. The attorney said if Hewitt wins her lawsuit against Phillippe, she plans donate the money to charity.

“She’s not going to take a dime, I am not making a dime, [if she wins the case] the money is going to a domestic violence charity.”

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