Wednesday Crime Stories: Kevin Hart is the victim! Girlfriend chops up boyfriend? Should Florida ban O.J.?

Kevin Hart admits he made a big mistake messing with a woman in an incident caught on secret video, but the comedian wants the FBI to arrest someone he claims tried to blackmail him with the tape. Nancy Grace thinks Hart is a victim in the affair if he is being blackmailed. Los Angeles psychoanalyst, Dr. Bethany Marshall, and RadarOnline reporter, Alexis Tereszcuk. join Nancy and co-host Alan Duke to look at the latest in the story.

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A Baytown, Texas, woman is charged with shooting her boyfriend, chopping up his body and then dumping him in garbage. Cierra Sutton showed no remorse, according to police. Grace, Tereszcuk, Dr. Marshall and crime expert Joseph Scott Morgan discuss the case in this episode.

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Nancy and guests also talk to Los Angeles publicist Ed Lozzi, who is pushing an effort to convince Florida’s governor to ban O.J. Simpson from the Sunshine State for at least two months after his October release from a Nevada prison. Lozzi argues that Florida needs the time to recover from Hurricane Irma before it has to deal with Simpson.

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