Dad and daughter arrested for beating high school teen, critically injuring him: Police

Missouri prosecutors charged a daughter and father on Wednesday with assault after they allegedly beat a high school boy so badly that he was left in critical condition.

New York Daily News reports that Josiah Wright, 39, and his daughter, Jonay Wright, 17, reportedly went to Ruskin High School in Kansas City to pick up Jonay’s class schedule at around noon. While leaving the building, they noticed Jonay’s ex-boyfriend, an 18-year-old senior, sitting in the student services area. The pair said they left the room but shortly after, the ex-boyfriend started sending threatening text messages to Jonay.

Dad and daughter reportedly went back to the room and confronted the ex-boyfriend. According to a witness, Josiah Wright threatened the teen before kicking him in the head, twice.

“You threatened to kill my daughter, I’ll f–k you up,” Josiah Wright reportedly said.

Other witnesses said Jonay started kicking the victim while her father held him down. When authorities arrived and questioned the father, he admitted he grabbed the victim and pulled him out of his chair to let daughter assault him. However, he denied kicking the victim in the head.

A press release from the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office indicated that the victim had “severe abrasions to his right eye, swelling and bruising to his entire head and bleeding from his left ear” when officers arrived to the school. Court documents indicate the victim was taken to a local hospital and was injured so badly that medical experts incubated him. He’s in recovery and unable to make a statement. The 18-year-old victim remains in the hospital with possible brain bleeding.

Authorities arrested Josiah Wright and charged him with first-degree assault, while his daughter was arrested and charged with second-degree assault. A judge set the father’s bail at $100,000 and his daughter’s bail at $30,000.

[Feature Photo: Kansas City Police Department]