Onlookers film 4-year-old boy’s cries for help after 17 wild dogs mercilessly attack him for 30 minutes, do not come to his rescue [Graphic Content Warning]

Warning: The details in this story are disturbing.

Warning: The details in this story are disturbing.

Video reportedly shows a 4-year-old lie dying after being savagely attacked by a pack of wild dogs.

According to the Daily Mail, Praveen Kumar is seen crying in a pool of blood after being mauled by 17 stray dogs for at least 30 minutes. The child’s parents rushed him to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Kumar and his sister had left their home in Guntur, southern India, on Thursday when the unthinkable attack occurred. The Mail reports that Kumar sustained numerous bites to his neck, face, hands, chest, shoulders, and legs. A doctor who attempted to save Kumar’s life said he died after losing too much blood.

The 4-year-old’s parents claimed that neighbors filmed their mortally-wounded son screaming and crying for help instead of rendering aid.

“Onlookers watched the incident and instead of rescuing him and taking him to the hospital, they mercilessly captured the episode on their mobile phones, ” said Achyuta Rao, President of the Child Rights Association who is involved in the investigation.

The parents had filed a complaint with the city last week about stray dogs making a mess near their home, according to Rao.

“It is tragic to see such irresponsibility from the municipal corporation,” she said, adding that they plan to contact the Human Rights Commission.”It’s their responsibility to make the roads safe for people and this incident should be taken into consideration.”

Ramchandra Reddy, Additional Commissioner of the Guntur Municipal Corporation, claimed that the municipality is in the process of sterilizing more than 2,300 dogs in the area but they cannot kill the canines until getting the Supreme Court’s confirmation.

Reddy concluded, “We know that Guntur has a large number of stray dogs in the state and we are working on the matter to curb this menace.”

The graphic video can be seen here.

[Featured Image: Daily Mail/screenshot]