Realistic Halloween decorations leads to frantic 911 call from neighbor

‘THIS IS A HALLOWEEN DECORATION! Do NOT call 911 reporting a dead body’

Morbid Halloween decorations in front of one Tennessee home led to a concerned neighbor calling 911.

WJHL reports that dispatchers received the frantic 911 call on Wednesday afternoon from a resident who thought they saw a dead body in the Greenville home’s driveway. The “body” was later determined to be clothing stuffed with paper.

“There’s a guy laying in his driveway, with two big bloody handprints on side of the house. It looks like he was dead I don’t know I didn’t stop I just came on to work,” neighbor Johnny Riddle said in the 911 call.

The homeowner, Joseph Lovergine, told the local station that his family loves the holiday and decided to decorate early this year. He said he was awakened Wednesday morning by deputies banging on his door.

“I said thank you guys for caring but I’m doing just fine,” Lovergine said.

At one point, responding officers pulled a boot off the makeshift mannequin to ensure it wasn’t a real person.

“I thought it looked so real and so fun and I hope people don’t take offense,” he said.

Fortunately, the Greene County Sheriff’s Department had a humorous take on Wednesday’s ordeal.

“For those of you driving on Chuckey Pike in Greene County: THIS IS A HALLOWEEN DECORATION! Do NOT call 911 reporting a dead body. Instead, congratulate the homeowner on a great display,” the department wrote on Facebook.

Despite the mixup, Lovergine said he plans to put up more decorations closer to Halloween.

[Featured Image: Greene County Sheriff’s Department]