Baby girl barely survives near fatal overdose from heroin stash in hoarder’s home: Cops

A man and a woman in West Palm Beach, Florida, were arrested after a 1-year-old girl allegedly overdosed from drugs she took from their heroin stash.

The Palm Beach Post reports that Charlie Hagan, 38, and Joseph Critelli, 49, were arrested last week in connection with the child’s near-fatal overdose, which occurred in July. Hagan and Critelli’s relationship to the baby was redacted from available arrest reports.

Records obtained by the newspaper revealed that it took two doses of Narcan to “revive the child back to life.”

Hagan allegedly told deputies that she was asleep while the 1-year-old was in another room with Critelli. She claimed she woke up to talk to Critelli when she noticed the child was “acting fussy,” WPTV reports.

Critelli attempted to put the baby to sleep but called 911 after noticing her making a raspy sound. He then took the infant outside and began performing CPR, records indicated.

Fire rescue transported the infant to a local hospital. Fire crews noted that the home was covered “from ground to ceiling with a multitude of items,” adding that one of the residents was a hoarder, the Palm Beach Post reported.

While at the hospital, Hagan reportedly revealed to deputies that she was hospitalized a week earlier also for a near-fatal overdose. Though she also claimed to be a certified nursing assistant, records obtained by WPTV showed she was unemployed.

Hagan was released from prison in January 2015, after serving two years for burglary- and drug-related charges.

Critelli appeared to be under the influence of narcotics while he spoke to authorities and admitted to taking medication for an undisclosed condition. Florida Department of Health records indicated that he has a clear and active pharmacist license but isn’t practicing in the state.

Hagan and Critelli were released from jail Thursday after each posting a $3,000 bond.


[Featured Image: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office]