The patient that Utah nurse was arrested for protecting in viral video has died [UPDATE]

The patient that Utah nurse Alex Wubbels was arrested for protecting from a blood test passed away on Monday, as reported by FOX 13.

Rigby Police announced William Gray’s death via Facebook on Tuesday. The truck driver and reserve officer with the Rigby Police Department in Idaho was critically injured in July when a suspect crashed into him while fleeing police.

KSL reports that the suspect, Marcos Torres, 26, was killed in the fiery collision. Gray was driving a semitrailer when he was hit, which burst into flames as he attempted to flee.

Police noted that Gray was burned on over 46 percent of his body. His family told the station that doctors gave him a 22 percent chance of survival.

“Since the event he has been at the University of Utah burn unit, where he has received the best and most skillful care available. He has been in a long hard fight. Tonight, his body lost this fight,” the police department wrote on Monday.

ORIGINAL Story: FBI joins investigation after detective arrests Utah nurse for refusing to break law and give patient’s blood

It was at that burn center that Wubbels was arrested for allegedly shielding a sedated Gray from Cache County Sheriff’s Office detective Jeff Payne, who wanted to take a blood sample. The nurse is said to have denied Payne’s request, noting that he didn’t have a warrant or the incapacitated man’s consent.

After a 90 minute ordeal, and with the go-ahead from his supervisor, Payne arrested Wubbels for interfering with a police investigation, it has been reported.

Bodycam footage of Payne arresting Wubbels went viral, leading to public outcry and calls for the detective’s termination. Payne was subsequently terminated from his paramedic job and is now the center of an FBI probe, according to NY Daily News.

Last week, Gray’s wife thanked the nurse for defending her husband’s rights.

April Gray said in a statement: “I’m glad she was protecting my husband, and I love our police community.”

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