Husband says ‘I won’ after strangling and beating the life out of his wife [VIDEO]

A Northland, Kansas, man who strangled and beat his wife to death declared “I won” as he was being taken into custody.

The Kansas City Star reported that Thomas C. Santamaria Jr., 45, was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without the possibility of parole. A Clay County jury convicted Santamaria in August of first-degree murder for the March 2015 slaying of Yuvett V. Santamaria, 50.

Officers found Yuvett’s battered body on the bedroom floor while Thomas slept in the same room with blood on his hands.

Thomas made the disturbing comment as he was being arrested for the barbaric murder. Trial testimony revealed that Thomas told a friend that he believed his wife was having an affair and wanted a divorce, according to WDAF.

“Winning would have been to acknowledge problems in his relationship and working with Yuvett to resolve these issues,” Clay County Prosecutor Daniel White said. “If that failed, a divorce would be an option. But beating her to death was a fool’s choice.”

Court documents also indicated that Thomas intended to do drugs and drink alcohol before having sex with his wife and killing her.

The local station reports that a friend arrived at the home to check on the couple. There, he was met by Yuvett’s mother who said, “Thomas killed my daughter.” The friend called police after making the grisly discovery in the bedroom.

“Defendant Santamaria’s life is over. He will spend the rest of his days in prison,” White concluded in a statement.

“He thought he won, but all he’s won is a concrete bunker of a room for the next 40, 50 years.”

[Featured Image: KCTV]