Thursday Crime Stories: Shocking turn in mystery surrounding murder of 2nd grade teacher after home ‘bleached’ clean

Also: Mother-in-law runs down son-in-law after he exposes sex affair

When police responded to a 911 call from Vanessa MacCormack’s husband that his wife was dead on her kitchen floor, they smelled the strong odor of bleach in the home. Evidence that the second grade teacher’s killer tried to clean up the murder scene helped detectives finger a suspect. Nancy Grace looks at the evidence and what the prosecutor is saying. She is joined by Crime Stories contributing reporter Ed Payne and Los Angeles psychoanalyst Dr. Bethany Marshall. Investigators believe an expensive drug habit and a failing marriage were part of the motive.

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A Florida woman allegedly tried to use her Mercedes to run over her daughter’s husband, but not because she didn’t like him. Maybe she liked him too much. Police say Kathleen Davis, 58, had an affair with her son in law, but their relationship went sour when he told his wife — her daughter — about it. She also threw eggs at his house. Nancy and guests dig into the story.

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