Body cam footage shows police pleading citizens to take cover as Las Vegas gunman opens fire

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has released footage from Sunday night’s shooting that left 59 dead.

KPNX reported that the police department released the footage on Wednesday. The three-minute video, which can be viewed below, shows officers dodging bullets and getting concertgoers to safety as Stephen Paddock sprays bullets from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

At one point, an officer is seen using their body as a shield and lies over several people as the gunman opens a barrage of fire.

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“Hey, you guys—get down. Go that way, get out of here,” a cop can be heard telling a panicked crowd. “There are gunshots coming from over there. Go that way.”

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Some incredulous citizens ignored officers’ requests and claimed the loud bangs were fireworks. Nevertheless, officers took refuge while trying to pinpoint where the bullets were coming from.

“Hey, they’re shooting right at us, guys!” one officer exclaims as he and fellow officers squat behind a wall with their weapons in hand. “Everybody stay down, stay down!”

Another officer is heard saying, “North of the Mandalay Bay, it’s coming out of a window!”

WARNING: The following video features disturbing, explicit language.

[Featured Image: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (screenshot)]