‘They truly adored each other’: Las Vegas Shooting victim’s boyfriend planned to propose at concert

A man reportedly planned to propose to his girlfriend hours before she was killed in the Las Vegas concert shooting on Sunday.

Andrea Castilla, 28, was with her boyfriend and sister when she was shot in the head. Athena Castilla, the victim’s sister, said Andrea was wounded while holding her hand.

“She said, ‘Duck,’ and all of a sudden she was already hit,” Athena told WNBC.

Andrea’s boyfriend, Derek Miller, and Athena carried the wounded woman outside the venue. There, they located a stranger in a truck who transported them to a hospital.

“We couldn’t give up on her,” Athena told ABC News. “She deserved a chance to get help…she was literally dying in my arms.”

The victim’s sister claimed they were originally told that Andrea was still alive only to be told hours later that she had died that night.

Dealing with the heartbreak of losing Andrea, the family recently learned that her boyfriend of seven months planned to propose the night of the concert.

“He told me, ‘I was planning on asking her this weekend with you guys….We talked about spending the rest of our lives together,’” Athena revealed to People. “I think he was planning to do it because they were both going to be out here and having such a good time together.”

“They truly adored each other. I’d never seen her that happy.”

Athena claimed that her sister knew a proposal was coming but didn’t know when. She believed Miller wanted to propose at the concert because they were having so much fun together.

“If I could bring my daughter back, it would be for him, not for me,” the victim’s father, Gus, said while holding back tears.

Gus claimed he’s received the scarf his slain daughter was wearing that fateful night.

“I’m happy to have a part of her,” he said. “I can’t bring her back.”

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